added MSSP Portal Logo Management API

You can now use the Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Portal API to manage the logos of your customer's instances.

By default, the logo appears in the header of your customer's instances. The logo endpoints allow you to replace the logo with a logo appropriate to a customer's business context. Use these endpoints to add, assign, and delete logos.

For background information about logos in the MSSP Portal, see Logos in MSSP Portal User Guide.

API EndpointDescriptionChange
POST /mssp/logosAdds a logo to the MSSP Portal. After you add a logo to the MSSP Portal, use the PUT /mssp/accounts/logos endpoint to assign the logo to a customer
GET /mssp/logosReturns a list of logos you have uploaded to the MSSP
GET /mssp/logos/{logo_uuid}Returns details for the specified logo in the MSSP
PATCH /mssp/logos/{logo_uuid}Updates a logo in the MSSP Portal. This update overwrites the existing
DELETE /mssp/logos/{logo_uuid}Deletes the specified logo in the MSSP
PUT /mssp/accounts/logosAssigns a logo to one or more customer accounts in the MSSP
GET /mssp/logos/{logo_uuid}/logo.pngReturns a logo file in PNG
GET /mssp/logos/{logo_uuid}/logo.base64Returns a logo file in Base64