API Explorer Reorganization

Tenable reorganized some of the content in the Tenable API Explorer. The content was reorganized to match functional areas of the user interface and to split categories that contained a large number of endpoints into multiple categories depending on the functional area.



Endpoint links have not changed. If you have an endpoint bookmarked, the link will continue to function.

In the Vulnerability Management section, the Scans category has been split into multiple categories. Some endpoints that were formerly listed under the Scans category have moved to one of the following new categories:

  • Scan Control
  • Scan Exports
  • Scan History
  • Scan Results
  • Scan Status
  • Scan Tasks
  • Remediation Scans

The following categories have moved from the Vulnerability Management section to the Platform & Settings section:

  • Access Groups v1
  • Access Groups v2
  • Activity Log
  • Agent Bulk Operations
  • Agent Config
  • Agent Groups
  • Agents
  • Credentials
  • Exclusions
  • Networks
  • Permissions
  • Scanner Groups
  • Scanners
  • Server
  • Tags
  • Target Groups