Integrate with the world's first Cyber Exposure platform using Tenable APIs

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Cyber Exposure Management Made Easy

Tenable provides the world’s first Cyber Exposure platform, giving you complete visibility into your network and helping you to manage and measure your modern attack surface. All the capabilities of Vulnerability Management are available in the API, a robust platform for users of all experience levels. The platform is designed to support and visualize elastic IT assets, such as containers and web apps.

Tenable offers pre-built integrations and allows developers to build new integrations quickly in order to improve their vulnerability management program. Use Tenable APIs to seamlessly integrate cyber exposure management into your security infrastructure.

Import Third-Party Data

Use API to create connecters for asset data from third-party platforms like AWS and Azure.

Automate Scans

Launch a network scan of your assets and export the results as a PDF file in only four lines of Python.

Export Scan Results

Use our API to integrate asset and vulnerability scan data with third-party workflow management systems or your own custom solutions.

API Features

Platform Platform API includes the endpoints for authentication, access management, and creating third-party data connectors.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management API allows you to programmatically manage assets, scans, and policies from the cloud.

Container Security

Container Security API provides the endpoints for securing container images like Docker or Kubernetes.

Web Application Scanning

Web Application Scanning API endpoints enable you to automate the security management for your web applications.


The Downloads API allows you to access and download available Tenable products installation files and updates.

Automate with Just a Few Lines of Code

You can completely automate your cybersecurity workflow based on platform capabilities. A few lines of codes work like magic! Use our SDKs and libraries for testing and in production to access standard interfaces that handle authentication and request construction for you. API Scan Python SDK Code