End of Life for Legacy Cloud Security



Tenable recommends that you update any existing Legacy Cloud Security integrations that your organization has before September 30, 2024.

Tenable has announced the End of Life for Legacy Cloud Security. You can continue to access the application, use the API, and receive support through September 30, 2024. Tenable recommends that you immediately migrate to the current version of Cloud Security. For more information and product migration notes, see the End of Life bulletin.

The new Cloud Security API utilizes a GraphQL API rather than a REST API. The current Cloud Security API documentation is located at You can use the in-product GraphQL API Explorer to validate and test GraphQL queries for the new Cloud Security. A valid customer login is required to view the Cloud Security API documentation and use the GraphQL API Explorer.

This End of Life announcement affects the following Legacy Cloud Security endpoints:

ProjectsCreate projectPOST /cns/api/v1/projects
ProjectsList projectsGET /cns/api/v1/projects
ProjectsGet project detailsGET /cns/api/v1/projects/{project_id}
RepositoriesCreate repositoryPOST /cns/api/v1/repos
RepositoriesList repositoriesGET /cns/api/v1/repos
RepositoriesGet repository detailsGET /cns/api/v1/repos/{repo_id}
RepositoriesScan repositoryPOST /cns/api/v1/repos/{repo_id}/scan
ScansList IaC scansGET /cns/api/v1/scans
ScansGet scan detailsGET /cns/api/v1/scans/{scan_id}
Pull RequestsCreate pull requestPOST /cns/api/v1/pr
Pull RequestsList pull requestGET /cns/api/v1/pr
ExceptionsCreate exceptionPOST /cns/api/v1/exceptions
ExceptionsList exceptionsGET /cns/api/v1/exceptions
ExceptionsGet exception detailsGET /cns/api/v1/exceptions/{exception_id}
ExceptionsUpdate exceptionPUT /cns/api/v1/exceptions/{exception_id}
ExceptionsDelete exceptionDELETE /cns/api/v1/exceptions/{exception_id}
ResourcesList resourcesGET /cns/api/v1/resources
DriftsList driftsGET /cns/api/v1/drifts
ViolationsList violationsGET /cns/api/v1/violations
MetricsList metricsGET /cns/api/v1/metrics