Installed Software for API

If configured to use Nessus Plugin ID 45590, scans identify software applications installed on an asset, and log that information to a new attribute in the asset record. This attribute, installed_software, contains a list of Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) values in the CPE 2.2 format. For more information, see the "Component Syntax" section of the CPE Specification, Version 2.2. also logs an entry to the asset activity log when a scan adds, updates, or removes installed_software values in an asset record.

This new attribute affects the following existing endpoints:

API EndpointAttribute
GET /assets/{asset_uuid}
GET /assets/export/{export_uuid}/chunks/{chunk_id}
GET /workbenches/assets
GET /workbenches/assets/{asset_id}/info
installed_software attribute present in 200 message
POST /import/assetsinstalled_software parameter supported in asset object in request body
GET /workbenches/assets/asset_uuid/activitytype value and updates attributes present in 200 message
POST /tags/values
PUT /tags/values/{value_uuid}
installed_software attribute supported as dynamic tag filter