Scheduled Exports

The API now supports scheduled exports. The scheduled exports API allows you to asynchronously export assets and findings data from in JSON or CSV format at a specified interval. You can use the API to schedule export jobs, monitor job status, and download the export results.

The interval at which the scheduled export repeats is defined via a recurrence rule. implements recurrence rules per the RFC-5545 specification. For more information, see Recurrence Rules.

New Scheduled Export Endpoints

The new scheduled export endpoints are described in the table below.

New EndpointNameDescription
POST /api/v3/exports/jobs/schedulesCreate scheduled exportCreates a scheduled export using the specified recurrence rule and start date. Note: The maximum total number of scheduled exports you can create in is 1,000.
GET /api/v3/exports/jobs/schedulesList scheduled exportsReturns a list of scheduled exports.
GET /api/v3/exports/jobs/schedules/{schedule_id}Get scheduled export detailsReturns the details of the specified scheduled export job.
PUT /api/v3/exports/jobs/schedules/{schedule_id}Update scheduled exportUpdates the specified scheduled export.
DELETE /api/v3/exports/jobs/schedules/{schedule_id}Delete scheduled exportDeletes the specified scheduled export.
GET /api/v3/exports/jobs/schedules/countGet scheduled export countReturns the total number of scheduled exports.
GET /api/v3/exports/jobs/schedules/{schedule_id}/contentDownload scheduled exportDownloads the scheduled export data if the export job was completed successfully. The data is returned in the format specified when the scheduled export was created (JSON or CSV).
GET /api/v3/exports/jobs/schedules/{schedule_id}/cancelCancel scheduled exportCancels the specified scheduled export if the scheduled export is currently running.