New Compliance Export API

The API now supports compliance data exports. The compliance export API can be used to export data that is an aggregation or summary of all compliance scan data. The summary is updated with the latest audit results as new compliance scans are run. The compliance export API does not return results for individual scans.

New Compliance Export Endpoints

The new compliance export endpoints are described in the table below.

New EndpointNameDescription
POST /compliance/exportExport compliance dataExports compliance data that matches the request criteria.

GET /compliance/export/{export_uuid}/statusGet compliance export statusReturns the status of a compliance export request. processes the chunks in parallel so the chunks may not complete in order.
GET /compliance/export/{export_uuid}/chunks/{chunk_id}Download compliance chunkDownloads exported compliance data chunks by ID. processes the chunks in parallel. Chunks are available for download for up to 24 hours after they have been created. returns a 404 message for expired chunks.
POST /compliance/export/{export_uuid}/cancelCancel compliance exportCancels the specified compliance export job. If you cancel an export job, finishes any chunk that is currently processing, terminates the processing of any unprocessed chunks, and updates the job status to CANCELLED. If a canceled job includes completed chunks, you can still download those chunks after cancellation.

🛈 Note

If you do not wish to use any of the body parameters when starting a compliance export job with the POST /compliance/export endpoint you must still supply an empty JSON body, for example: {}. If no request body is submitted with the POST request a 500 Internal Server Error will be returned.