added Concurrent Active Scan and Scan Processing Limit

Tenable applies rate limiting and concurrency limiting to the API to ensure that all customers experience the same level of service. The existing concurrency limit has been reduced to 25 active scans per container. Additionally, this limit includes the processing of agent scan data.

An HTTP response message with a 429 (Too Many Requests) status code is returned if you attempt to launch more than 25 scans. The response also includes a retry-after header element that specifies the number of seconds to wait before retrying. For more information, see Concurrency Limiting and Rate Limiting.

This update applies to the following endpoints:

POST /scans/{scan_id}/launchA limit of 25 active scans (including agent processing) per container has been added.



To get the count of active scans in your container, use the Get scan count endpoint with the query parameter active set to true.