deprecated Session API Deprecation

The Session API is deprecated. On August 1, 2020, documentation related to the session endpoints will be removed from the Tenable developer portal. If your organization's integrations with the API previously used session tokens, Tenable recommends that you use the PUT /users/{user_id}/keys endpoint to generate API keys instead. This deprecation also affects the POST /user/{user_id}/impersonate endpoint as well, as it is dependent on session tokens.

The following endpoints will be removed on August 1, 2020:

API EndpointDescription
POST /sessionCreate session
GET /sessionGet user session
PUT /sessionUpdate user settings
DELETE /sessionLog out user
POST /session/restoreRestore impersonated session
PUT /session/chpasswdChange password
PUT /session/keysGenerate API keys
POST /session/two-factor/send-verificationSend verification code
POST /session/two-factor/verify-codeValidate verification code
PUT /session/two-factorConfigure two-factor authentication
POST /users/{user_id}/impersonateImpersonate user