Vulnerability Management: Decommissioning of Legacy Domain for Mainland China

Tenable has deployed a new Tenable Vulnerability Management host URL - - along with the Cloudflare China Network, which provides Tenable with better visibility for troubleshooting and monitoring purposes. The legacy host URL for sensors in mainland China - - will be deprecated on January 31, 2024.

If you are connecting to Tenable Vulnerability Management through sensors located in mainland China, you must connect through instead of or



After January 31, 2024, will be the only valid domain for connecting sensors deployed in mainland China to Tenable Vulnerability Management. Tenable recommends that you update any existing integrations that your organization has before this date.

Your organization must comply with Tenable MSA and local laws and is responsible for your internet connectivity to the Tenable platform per Tenable’s documentation.

If necessary, use the following processes to connect your sensors to this alternate domain.

Tenable Nessus Scanners

Follow the Link to Tenable Vulnerability Management process in the Tenable Nessus User Guide. During the process, specify as the host to connect to.

Tenable Nessus Agents

Run the following command:

nessuscli agent link --port=443 --key=<YOURKEY>

To generate a linking key for Tenable Vulnerability Management, see Retrieve the Tenable Nessus Agent Linking Key. For more information about nessuscli agent commands, see Tenable Nessus Agent CLI Commands.

Tenable Nessus Network Monitor (NNM)

In the Tenable Nessus Network Monitor Cloud Settings, set the Cloud Host to