Tenable MSSP Permissions Update

The user permissions requirement for some Tenable Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) endpoints has been reduced from ADMINISTRATOR [64] to BASIC [16]. For more information about permissions and roles, see Permissions.

This change affects the following endpoints:

EndpointNameOld PermissionsNew Permissions
GET /mssp/logosList logosADMINISTRATOR [64]BASIC [16]
PUT /mssp/accounts/logosAssign logoADMINISTRATOR [64]BASIC [16]
POST /mssp/resourcelink/account/{account_uuid}Add resource linksADMINISTRATOR [64]BASIC [16]
POST /mssp/resourcelink/addBulkBulk add resource linksADMINISTRATOR [64]BASIC [16]