Tag-Based Scans for Tenable.io API

You can now configure Tenable.io scans to target assets based on one or more tags you have assigned to the assets. For example, you might want to run more frequent scans of assets running a Windows operating system. Rather than manually configuring a scan to target a static group of Windows assets, you can configure Tenable.io to automatically apply a tag to any asset that a scan identifies as running Windows. Then, you can configure a scan to evaluate any asset with that tag on an appropriate frequency.

This new feature affects the following existing endpoints:

API EndpointsChange
GET /assets
GET /assets/{asset_uuid}
GET /workbenches/assets
GET /workbenches/assets/{asset_id}/info
last_scan_target attribute in 200 response message
POST /scans
PUT /scans/{scan_id}]
tag_targets parameter in request message and tag_targets attribute in 200 response message
GET /scans/{scan_id}tag_targets attribute in 200 response message

For best practice information related to these API changes, see Manage Tag-Based Scans.