removed v3 Beta Endpoints Removed

Tenable removed the documentation for several of the v3 beta endpoints on February 22nd, 2023. The v3 beta endpoints were sometimes referred to collectively as the explore workbench API. Tenable recommends that customers discontinue their use of the beta endpoints for production and integration purposes. Refer to the Alternative Endpoints section for alternatives.

The v3 beta endpoints that were removed from the developer portal are described in the following tables:


Search assetsPOST /api/v3/assets/search


Search vulnerability findingsPOST /api/v3/findings/vulnerabilities/host/search


Create exportPOST /api/v3/exports/jobs
Search export jobsPOST /api/v3/exports/jobs/search
Get export detailsGET /api/v3/exports/jobs/{id}
Delete export jobDELETE /api/v3/exports/jobs/{id}
Download exportGET /api/v3/exports/jobs/{id}/content
Renew export jobPUT /api/v3/exports/jobs/{id}/renew

Scheduled Exports

Create scheduled exportPOST /api/v3/exports/jobs/schedules
List scheduled exportsGET /api/v3/exports/jobs/schedules
Get scheduled export detailsGET /api/v3/exports/jobs/schedules/{schedule_id}
Update scheduled exportPUT /api/v3/exports/jobs/schedules/{schedule_id}
Delete scheduled exportDELETE /api/v3/exports/jobs/schedules/{schedule_id}
Get scheduled export countGET /api/v3/exports/jobs/schedules/count
Download scheduled exportGET /api/v3/exports/jobs/schedules/{schedule_id}/content
Cancel scheduled exportPUT /api/v3/exports/jobs/schedules/{schedule_id}/cancel

Search Jobs

Get search job detailsGET /api/v3/search_jobs/{search_job_id}

Alternative Endpoints

Customer access to the v3 beta endpoints will eventually be removed but a date has yet to be determined. Access to the v3 beta endpoints will not cease immediately; however, customers should prepare for access to these APIs to be removed within the year. Tenable recommends that customers use the export endpoints described in the following tables instead. Please update any existing integrations that your organization has.

Vulnerability Exports

Export vulnerabilitiesPOST /vulns/export
Get vulnerabilities export statusGET /vulns/export/{export_uuid}/status
Download vulnerabilities chunkGET /vulns/export/{export_uuid}/chunks/{chunk_id}
Cancel vuln exportPOST /vulns/export/{export_uuid}/cancel
Get vuln export jobsGET /vulns/export/status

Asset Exports

Compliance Exports

Export compliance dataPOST /compliance/export
Get compliance export statusGET /compliance/export/{export_uuid}/status
Download compliance chunkGET /compliance/export/{export_uuid}/chunks/{chunk_id}
Cancel compliance exportPOST /compliance/export/{export_uuid}/cancel