Vulnerability Management: New Upload Credentials File Endpoint Parameter

Tenable has added the query parameter fileType to the Tenable Vulnerability Management Upload credentials file endpoint.

fileType is a required parameter used to validate the uploaded file. The parameter accepts the following file types:

  • pem
  • json
  • csv
  • x.509
  • p12
  • ssh (only RSA and DSA OpenSSH keys/certificates are supported)
  • cookie (Netscape cookies.txt format)

To pass validation, cookie files must adhere to the Netscape cookies file format and csv files must adhere to one of the following formats:

  • target, port, database_name, username, cred_manager
  • target, port, instance_name, username, auth_type, cred_manager
  • target, port, service_type, service_ID, username, auth_type, cred_manager

Upon a successful API call, you will not see any change in the response as shown in the following examples:

Successful request, 200 response

	"fileuploaded": "MY_CSV_FILE_f8a012c9-e017-4490-904f-8eb6cfc45204"

Missing required query param, 400 response

	"error": "The required query parameter fileType cannot be null or empty."

Invalid file for provided fileType or incorrect file for fileType, 400 response

	"error": "The provided file is not a valid csv file."