Web Application Scanning: Multi-Target Scans

The Web Application Scanning v2 API now supports multi-target scans. This feature allows users to specify up to 1,000 targets in a single scan. Previously the WAS v2 API only supported single target scans.

Updated Endpoints

This update applies to the following endpoints:

POST /was/v2/configsCreate scan configurationCreates a new scan configuration.
POST Upsert scan configurationUpsert scan configurationUpdates an existing scan configuration or creates a new scan configuration.

New Parameter

You can specify multiple targets using the new targets parameter.

targetsarray of stringsAn array of distinct absolute URLs that you want to scan.

For example, to scan three different targets, you would specify the three targets using the targets parameter:

  "targets": [

Deprecated Parameter

The older target parameter used for single-target scans is deprecated in favor of the new targets parameter. You can specify both single and multi-target scans with the new targets parameter. The older target parameter will be removed on 2022/04/06.



The target parameter is deprecated and will be removed on April 6th, 2022. Please update any existing integrations that your organization has before this date.