Upsert scan configuration

Updates an existing scan configuration or creates a new scan configuration.

This operation is asynchronous and returns with an immediate 202. The scan configuration is guaranteed to be created at some point in the immediate future depending on resource load. To track the status of the operation, use the GET /was/v2/configs/{config_id}/status/{tracking_id} endpoint. The config_id and tracking_id can be retrieved from the URI provided in the Location header of the 202 Accepted response.

Note: Although this endpoint can be used to create a scan configuration, Tenable recommends the POST /was/v2/configs endpoint instead for the creation of scan configurations. To create a scan configuration with this endpoint, you first need to generate a UUID. Tenable recommends the uuidgen tool available in most Linux distributions. The --time option can be passed to the uuidgen tool to ensure that the UUID is unique.

Requires SCAN MANAGER [40] user permissions and CAN EDIT [64] scan permissions. Alternatively, SCAN OPERATOR [24] user permissions and CAN VIEW [16] scan template (policy) permissions. See Permissions.

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