added New Filter for Assets Export

A new filter has been added to the assets export endpoint to allow customers to filter assets that were last scanned by a specified scan configuration UUID. The new filter is last_scan_id.

improved Permissions Change for Asset Endpoints

The user permissions requirement for editing and deleting assets has been reduced from ADMINISTRATOR [64] to SCAN OPERATOR [24]. For more information about permissions and roles, see Permissions.

added Send Instructions to Multiple Scanners

The API now supports bulk scanner directives. A new endpoint has been added to allow customers to send instructions to multiple scanners. You can use the all_scanners parameter along with the directive object to send instructions. Alternatively, you can provide an array of scanner UUIDs in the scanners parameter to send along with the directive object to send instructions to a subset of scanners.

added Rollover Scan Parameters

Rollover scan parameters have been added to the scanning API to allow users to launch rollover scans, retrieve rollover history data, and delete rollover history data. When you launch a rollover scan, the scan runs only against targets that did not scan previously due to a scan timeout. Rollover scans allow you to achieve complete scan coverage for all your assets, and you can use the rollover feature to split up large, network-impacting scans.

added Rename Agent

A new endpoint has been added to the API to allow users to rename agents. The endpoint accepts a string body parameter called name to rename the agent.


Tenable.cs: New csv_format Query Parameter for Cloud Security Violations

A new parameter is now available for the Tenable.cs (Cloud Security) List violations endpoint that allows you to return the violations data in CSV format rather than JSON format. The csv_format query parameter can be specified with a value of true to return the violations data in CSV format.


Scheduled Exports

The API now supports scheduled exports. The scheduled exports API allows you to asynchronously export assets and findings data from in JSON or CSV format at a specified interval. You can use the API to schedule export jobs, monitor job status, and download the export results.


Scan Time Window

The behavior of the scan_time_window body parameter has changed. Previously, this parameter only applied to Nessus agent scans. However, this parameter can now be used for Nessus scanner scans to set the time frame, in minutes, after which the scan will automatically stop.


Tenable.cs Cloud Security API v1 Available

Documentation for the Tenable.cs Cloud Security API is now available in the developer portal.

added API Recipes

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new feature for the Tenable developer portal, Recipes!