Vulnerability Management: New Vulnerability Export Filters

New filters are now available for the Tenable Vulnerability Management Export vulnerabilities endpoint. These new filter parameters are:


API Explorer Reorganization

Tenable reorganized some of the content in the Tenable API Explorer. The content was reorganized to match functional areas of the user interface and to split categories that contained a large number of endpoints into multiple categories depending on the functional area.


Vulnerability Management: OT Connectors

Documentation is now available for OT connector endpoints. If your organization has Vulnerability Management and Tenable OT Security, you can use OT connectors to transmit assets and findings data from Tenable OT Security to Tenable Vulnerability Management. The new endpoints enable users to create, list, update, and delete OT connectors.


Tenable MSSP API: Create Evaluation Account v2

A new endpoint has been added to the Tenable MSSP API to enable users to define the licensed Tenable applications available when creating an evaluation account. Tenable is enabling this endpoint for customers in a rolling fashion. For more information, contact your Tenable representative.


Tenable MSSP Permissions Update

The user permissions requirement for some Tenable Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) endpoints has been reduced from ADMINISTRATOR [64] to BASIC [16]. For more information about permissions and roles, see Permissions.


Vulnerability Management: Bulk Agent Profile Operations

A new endpoint has been added to the Tenable Vulnerability Management API to enable users to bulk assign agents to a profile or bulk remove agents from a profile.


Vulnerability Management: New Response Code for Duplicate Vulnerability Exports

The vulnerability export endpoint now returns an HTTP 409 Conflict status code if a duplicate export request is received. Previously, an HTTP 429 Too Many Requests status code was returned in the event of a duplicate export request.


Vulnerability Management: Vulnerability Export Open Port Findings for Info-level Plugins

On October 11, 2023, customers that enabled the Relocate Open Port Findings setting in the user interface will see a data structure change in their vulnerability exports for open ports reported by the following high-traffic info plugins:


Vulnerability Management: Plugins Endpoints Response Improvement

The plugins endpoints that accept user input now return an HTTP 404 Not Found status code with an empty response body if the specified plugin ID, plugin family ID, or plugin family name cannot be found. Previously, Tenable Vulnerability Management returned an HTTP 200 OK status code with "plugins": null in the response body. This change aligns the plugins endpoints with the standard used for other Vulnerability Management endpoints.


Vulnerability Management: Deprecated Workbench Export Endpoints

Tenable has deprecated three Tenable Vulnerability Management endpoints related to workbench exports.