Assessment Scan: Scan-Specific Credentials (Windows)

Related Endpoint: POST /scans



Credentials objects differ slightly for the PUT /scan/{scan_id} endpoint. For more information, see Update a Scan.

This example request body configures a Malware scan that uses the specified Windows credentials to evaluate the targeted hosts. This example also uses a target group, instead of listing individual targets.

  "uuid": "c1e29342-0908-481b-881a-0478e0567411a918400c42a035f7",
  "settings": {
    "name": "northern-region-assets",
    "target_groups": [2, 8, 12],
    "emails": "[email protected],[email protected]"
  "credentials": {
    "add": {
      "Host": {
        "Windows": [
          "domain": "",
          "username": "[email protected]",
          "auth_method": "Password",
          "password": "aJ^deq34Rc"