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Scan Status

In, scans can have the following status values:

StatusDescription or the scanner encountered problems during the latest run and aborted the scan. The scan results associated with the run reflect only the completed tasks.
canceledAt the user's request, successfully stopped the latest scan run.
completedThe latest run of the scan completed.
emptyThe scan configuration is new or has yet to run.
importedA user imported the scan. You cannot run imported scans. Scan history is unavailable for imported scans. is preparing the scan request for processing.
pausingA user paused a running scan, and is in the process of terminating tasks for the scan.
pausedAt the user's request, successfully paused active tasks related to the scan. The paused tasks continue to fill the task capacity of the scanner that the tasks were assigned to. does not dispatch new tasks from a paused scan job. If the scan remains in a paused state for more than 14 days, the scan times out. then aborts the related tasks on the scanner and categorizes the scan as aborted. has finished initializing and processing the scan request and is waiting for a scanner or agent to pick up the job. is processing tasks for the scan. For example, may be importing scan results from the scanner that performed the latest run of the scan. is restarting tasks for a paused scan. When you resume a scan, instructs the scanner to start the tasks from the point at which the scan was paused. If or the scanner encounters problems when resuming the scan, the scan fails, and updates the scan status to aborted.
runningThe scan is currently running.
stoppedA user stopped a pending, running, or paused scan, and is in the process of terminating tasks for the scan. is processing a request to stop a scan.

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Scan Status

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