Determine Tag Identifiers

Certain Tenable Vulnerability Management API requests require one or more of the following tag identifiers:

Category nameThe first half of the 'category:value' pair that comprises the tag.Location
Category UUIDThe UUID of the category. Represents only the category, not any tag values associated with the category.2a422ce8-a140-4078-810b-d97b85101369
Tag valueThe second half of the 'category:value' pair that comprises the tag.Headquarters
Tag UUIDThe UUID of the tag value. This UUID is technically assigned to the tag value only (the second half of the 'category:value' pair), but certain API commands use this value to represent the whole 'category:value' pair.75f76b67-a213-4e86-b8b3-39baac605f4f

To determine these tag identifiers, you can use any of the following methods:

Vulnerability Management API endpoints that use these identifiers include: