Tenable OT Security

Tenable OT Security is an industrial security solution for the modern industrial enterprise. Tenable OT Security gives your organization the ability to identify your assets, communicate risk and prioritize action all while enabling IT and OT teams to work better together. It provides unmatched visibility across IT/OT operations and delivers deep situational awareness across all global sites and their respective assets—from Windows servers to PLC backplanes—in a single interface.

Validation Criteria

Your integration with Tenable OT Security should meet the following criteria:

  • Ensure that all API calls made by your integration uses a standard User-Agent string as described in the User-Agent Header guide. This helps Tenable to identify your integration's API calls to assist with debugging and troubleshooting.
  • Contact Tenable via the Tech Alliances Application to demonstrate your third-party integration with Tenable's product or platform.
  • Explain how your integration uses Tenable's API and the specific endpoints that are being utilized. Tenable may ask to look at your integration's code to ensure scalability and to suggest best practices.
  • Ensure that your integration uses the proper naming conventions, trademarks, and logos in your integration's user interface. You can download a Media Kit on Tenable's media page.


Syslog events are emitted from Tenable OT Security under a variety of different conditions and are documented in the "Syslog Integration Guide" available in the Tenable OT Security Downloads Portal.


Tenable OT Security uses a GraphQL API instead of a REST API so querying data from Tenable OT Security is handled via a single API endpoint (/graphql), and a query language is used request the specific data you need. Official support for querying the GraphQL API is still evolving, and Tenable recommends that you refer to the following resources to familiarize yourself with Tenable OT Security's GraphQL API.